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Virtual Visit


What is a virtual visit?

Thanks to expanding video chat technology, you can now see your doctor all from the comfort of your own home! We are proud to offer virtual visits for our patients, especially as COVID-19 makes physical appointments difficult.

Who can use virtual visits?

We offer virtual visits for all of our patients, regardless of treatment or prescription needs. We also offer virtual visits for our new patients.

How do virtual visits work?

Virtual visits are conducted over a HIPAA compliant video chat service. We offer multiple video chat platforms for the convenience of our clients, and are also currently activating even more video chat options. Once you make your virtual visit appointment, you will be emailed detailed instructions on how to access your appointment at the appointment time. As always, our office is ready to assist you if you have any questions!

How does virtual visit pricing work?

Currently, virtual visits are priced exactly like regular appointments, and are included in insurance coverage. However, before COVID-19, most insurance panels did NOT cover virtual appointments. We are doing our best to make virtual visits covered by all insurance panels so our clients can continue to enjoy the ease and comfort of virtual appointments long after the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the pandemic is over, insurance companies will either continue to cover virtual appointments permanently, or reduce virtual appointment coverage. In the event that insurance providers do not continue virtual visit coverage, we will still offer virtual visits at a discounted rate. For now, virtual visits are covered by insurance providers exactly the same way regular appointments are. 

If you are interested in having your virtual visit covered by your insurance provider after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, please contact them and express your interests. Patients requesting coverage is the most important and influential factor to get insurance providers to cover virtual visits permanently. 

How can I make a virtual visit appointment?

Making a virtual visit appointment is as simple as making a regular appointment at our clinic. Simply call us at 469-661-1300 to speak with our office, or send us a message through our contact form about your interest in a virtual visit by clicking below. Our office will set an appointment up for you. 



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